About ERGO

ERGO (Ethics and Research Governance Online) is is a web based programme that manages research submissions and applications. It is flexible enough to cater for both staff and student submissions and has options for submitting applications for the following:

  • Students submitting to supervisors for approval
  • Staff / postgraduates submitting to ethics committee for approval
  • Any researcher submitting to the RGO / insurance office for review and approval

Every stage of the submission process is logged for audit purposes, and emails are sent to relevant individuals at key stages e.g. submission approval / rejection / requiring user review etc…

Other Key Features

  • Department specific check-lists for submitting research applications
  • Department specific template documents
  • Options for peer review prior to submitting
  • Joint submissions/ co-ordinators with anyone registered at the University
  • Options for allowing the Ethics Chair to override any previous decisions
  • Submission Pathway options for each department e.g. students MUST submit to a supervisor, students can choose, students only submit to ethics committee.

For Health and Safety Auditing

There is also a health and safety element for each submission so Schools can use ERGO for auditing H&S research. There are filters for viewing any research which contains biohazardous materials, lasers, tissues and fluids etc…


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